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An Alternate Perspective on 2012 and "the End of the Mayan Calendar"
by Michaele Alyras de Cygne

Recently, in a radio interview, I publicly stated that neither [Carl Johan Calleman's findings about] Oct. 28, 2011 nor [John Major Jenkins' and other people's assertions regarding] Dec. 21, 2012 are what we should be focused on relative to what is popularly believed to be the "end of the Mayan Calendar" [the Tzolkin] and humanity's quantum leap into Universal Consciouness.  In that statement, I mentioned that the Gregorian Calendar date that is most important to consider, relative to the Tzolkin's creation cycles and the Mayan Long Count [the correlations between the Tzolkin, and the Gregorian Calendar] is March 31, 2013.  Since people listening to the interview may not have fully grasped what I was communicating, this article is a brief clarification of my statement. 

Calendars are perpetual. They have final dates, but they never end. That being said, John Jenkins and anyone else focusing on doomsday scenarios and using the term "end of the Mayan Calendar" to evoke thoughts of ultimate, planetary or galactic ruination in 2012 should just get over it and stop misleading people; the Mayan Sacred Calendar never ends nor is there sound data supporting such scenarios.  However, relative to the Long Count, the Tzolkin does indicate periods in history and specific points at which human consciousness undergoes remarkable advances.  Many people who are familiar with the Long Count and the 2012 date believe that date is one on which humanity actually makes the most remarkable leap in consciousness in history.  Dr. Calleman and adherents to his perspective think that belief is unfounded and must therefore be disregarded in deference to an earlier date relative to that leap; I think likewise, however I defer to a later date.

Just as Dr. Calleman doesn't refute the 2012 date corresponding to the end of the Long Count [], neither do I.  In my assertion, I'm focused on the same reality that he is, relative to the fact that 12.21.2012 falls on the Tzolkin date of 4 Ahau.  The last date of any Tzolkin cycle is 13 Ahau.  4 Ahau is 100 days before that particular Tzolkin cycle is completed.  Therefore, Dec. 21, 2012 simply cannot be the "end" of the Calendar.  

Dr. Calleman and I are in agreement about 13 Ahau being the most important Tzolkin date to regard relative to the culmination of the cycles of Consciousness Therein embodied.  With great detail, he has identified October 28, 2011 as the 13 Ahau date that we need to regard as most pivtol relative to humanity's leap of consciousness;  However, while he has revealed some very interesting findings from his extensive research, from my perspective, although the 2011 date may be remarkably pertinent to humanity shifting into Universal Consciousness, I believe it's the 13 Ahau subsequent thereto that indicates the actual conclusion of the paradigm shift relative to the humanity emerging into a collective expression of Cosmic or Universal Consciousness.  Simply put, the Gregorian Calendar's correlation with 13 Ahau relative to the particular Tzolkin round in which 12.21.2012 occurs is actually March 31, 2013, while Dr. Calleman's reference to the October 28, 2011 correlation with 13 Ahau is relative to the previous Tzolkin round.  Thus, I think the 2013 date is the most significant one to anticipate.  (It is important to note that Dr. Calleman's perspective is scientific, and mine [albeit familiar with his research] is primarily based in philosophy, contrasting rather than refuting his findings.)

Why do I have this point of view?   Again, simply put, for anything new to emerge, the old must pass away.  As Jesus said, it is unwise to put new wine into old wineskins, (Mark 2:21-22 13).  13 Ahau of the October, 28 2011 date is still within the flow of the present (old) Long Count, while 13 Ahau of the March 31, 2013 date is within the flow of the next (new) Long Count.  (Interestingly, the latter is in 2013 and the Tzolkin is a 20x13 Model.)  In accord with the principle in the scripture above, humanity's New Birth may actually occur in the first days of the new Long Count.

Certainly, Dr. Calleman's research supporting the 10.28.11 projection is relevant and of great value to humanity consciously shifting into Universal Consciousness in a collective manner.  His interpretation of that date being the actual end of the present Great Cycle (relative to the dynamics of the cycles of creation) may be correct.  Certainly, the current Long Count ends on 12.21.2012, but, while it may in fact be the pinnacle convergence of several cosmic streams, it also certainly is not the end of a Great Cycle relative to the cycles of creation embodied in the Tzolkin.  As I mentioned above, for the new to come into being, the old must pass away.  From my perspective, based on the Long Count, although we apparently make an irreversible, collective, global shift (or commencement of planetary birth) into Universal Consciousness on 10.28.11, that shift peaks on 12.21.12 (akin to the emerging baby's head crowning) and it culminates (attains full emergence) on March 31, 2013, at which point we concretely emerge and take our first breaths as the next and most exalted expression of humanity in history.

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Regardless of which perspective one may adhere to, Calleman's or Jenkins or mine, although It can be and is used as a calendar, the Tzolkin is not really about chronological time; It's about the creation cycles relative to the permutations of the cyclical Emanation of Divine Providence (which the Maya call "Hunab Ku") through electromagnetic radiation.  Those cycles evolve human consciousness into Universal Consciousness.  The Tzolkin can be dissected and used in parts to enable people to focus on Its components, relative to how those components line up with calendar systems.  But, in order to gain the vital benefits of the Tzolkin, It must be dynamically experienced as a whole, rather than in parts.  To date, the only dynamic expression of the Tzolkin practically available to humanity is in the software you will find on this web site.  You're hereby invited to experience the dynamic expression of the Tzolkin's creation cycles, (much slower than they originate from Hunab Ku, but exponentially faster than they flow in correlation with a calendar); enjoy It!

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